There were some complications on the two older age groups. We apologize to those who didn't get candy or prizes. These two age groups NEVER officially started. Sadly, some thought they heard "go" when in fact it was a mother telling her younger son "no" when he tried to grab an egg. One thing lead to another and within about 30 seconds all of the eggs for these two groups were gone!

We have a better plan for next year that will eliminate this problem from even being a possibility.

We will still do different age groups (so small kids are not competing with a 12 yr old) but we'll do all of the egg hunts in the exact same place.... one after another. When the first is completely done, we will reset the same area for the next age group. In addition to this, we plan to have a perimeter marked out with paint on the grass (to make that very clear)

If there are other ideas that you have, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page. We would be happy to hear from you.

THANK YOU AGAIN to the sponsors, the volunteers and everyone who joined us at this fun free family event!